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Speaker – Karin Allen

Karin Allen

Karin Allen

Karin Allen is an assistant professor (in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences. at Utah State University in Logan, Utah), Dr. Allen has taught the following courses: “Culinary Basics,” “the Science of Food Preparation,” and “Food Technology and Health.” The last mentioned dealt with food spoilage, preservation, quality, and foodborne diseases, the main topics that Shelf Life Advice covers.

Currently, in addition to doing research, Dr. Allen is responsible for the development of extension programming to assist small businesses and entrepreneurs with the production and processing of quality foods.

She fosters food entrepreneurship skills among students and coordinates the academic and outreach services of the on-campus Food Innovation Laboratory. Karin provides support for extension programs including those concerned with sustainable agriculture, food safety, organic foods, food security, and diversified agriculture and has, since 2007, between a regular guest speaker at the Cedar Ridge Middle School, informing students about careers in food science.

In 2009, shortly after receiving her Ph.D., Dr. Allen was named Graduate Researcher of the Year by the Utah State University’s College of Agriculture. The research for which she won this award related to the cause of the browning of raw meat.

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