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January, 2010

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Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Looking for a classroom speaker?
Need someone to address the challenges facing today’s agricultural producers?
Have only a short time slot but would really like to offer a nationally-known speaker at your event?
Don’t know where to turn?

Ag in Uncertain Times is a series of 17 webinars offered since June 2009, featuring 40 separate speakers/presentations. Each webinar was presented in a live event but was also recorded for later presentation opportunities. Additional presentations are being planned now for Spanish-speaking audiences.

The presentations addressed 5 major topic areas:
– Operating in the face of uncertain credit
– Operating in the face of uncertain markets
– Families facing uncertainty in agriculture
– Operating in Risky Environments
– Managing Ag Enterprises in Uncertain Times

Each topic area addressed 3 Essential questions:
– Where are we?
– Where do we want to go?
– How do we get there?

More information on the topics covered and speakers is available (for free) at http://AgInUncertainTimes.FarmManagement.org.

The recorded webinars may be embedded into a PowerPoint show or presented in their entirety. The last Ag In Uncertain Times webinar discussed how a person might use these materials for further instruction. In addition, a wiki page was created with specific instructions on how you can do this yourself. For detailed instructions see: http://farmmanagement.org/Wiki/tiki-index.php?page=Ag+In+Uncertain+Times&structure=Webinars

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