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Pulling It All Together: Managing Ag Enterprises in Uncertain Times

Written by admin on November 30th, 2009

December 2 – Where Are We? 90 minutes
How is the Ag Risk Environment Changing?
Jason R. Henderson
Branch Executive and Vice President
Omaha Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Also appearing on the December 2nd webinar will be Jon Newkirk, a Washington State University Extension Economist. Jon will draw the key messages together from the Ag in uncertain times . . . webinar series and challenge participants to be proactive during these uncertain economic times.

December 9 – Where Do We Want To Go? 90 minutes
Resources Available from the Regional Centers for Risk Management Education
* Risk Management Resources for each region of US agriculture will be presented, with a panel on how to access these resources.

December 16 – How Do We Get There? 90 minutes
Pulling it All Together
* Using the wealth of information available from the Ag in uncertain times . . . Webinar series.

To Participate Live in the Webinars: (no pre-registration is required – first come – 500 seats available)
Equipment you will need: A computer that has a set of speakers and a high speed internet connection (LAN, DSL/Cable Modem, High speed wireless).
Web link used for the entire series:
This web link opens a screen that has the “Enter as a Guest” option selected. Use this option and enter your name and then click on the “Enter Room” button.

The start time for all webinars in this series is 9:00 am Pacific Standard time. Please log on a few minutes early to view information about how to ask presenters questions and to make sure your audio is working.

Prior to the meeting date and time, test your computers ability to communicate with the system we will use. Visit the link below and then click on the “Test Your Internet Connectivity” link on the right hand edge of this page. Follow the instructions provided.

This link also connects you to all of the previous webinar presentations.

For additional information email, westrme@wsu.edu or call 509-477-2176.


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