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September 16th Webinar Recordings

Written by admin on September 16th, 2009

Operating in the face of uncertain markets: commodity marketing strategies

The links below are to the recorded session of the Ag In Uncertain Times September 16thth webinar. Clicking on the icon for either the videoVideo Playback Button or audio-onlyAudio Playback Button version will stream the recording to your location. Download and start times will vary depending on your connection speed. Please be patient, as there may be a delay before the video start button appears on the screen.

Sections for this webinar include:

* Introduction and Background information– Emcee Jon Newkirk
* Speakers:

   Edward Usset – Grain Marketing Strategies
   Dillon Feuz – Livestock Marketing Strategies

* Q & A session at the end of the speaker’s presentations.
* Closing Comments.

Webinar Opening Comments - 9 minutesWebinar Opening Comments - 9 minutes Webinar Opening Comments- Emcee Jon Newkirk
Ed Ussett on Grain Marketing Strategies - 33 minutesEd Ussett on Grain Marketing Strategies - 33 minutes Ed Ussett – Grain Marketing Strategies
Dillon Feuz on Livestock Marketing Strategies - 34 minutesDillon Feuz on Livestock Marketing Strategies - 34 minutes Dillon Feuz – Livestock Marketing Strategies
Presenter Q&A - 15 minutesPresenter Q&A - 15 minutes Q & A following speaker presentations
Webinar Closing Comments - 2 minutesWebinar Closing Comments - 2 minutes Webinar Closing Comments
Complete Webinar - 92 minutes Compliation of the ENTIRE webinar audio


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